100% Elastic Cotton Slimming & Shaping Pants

$25.99 $51.99

  • Super elastic cotton 100% stretchable

Use elastic cotton with excellent elasticity to increase comfort. It supports the beautiful curves of the legs and also supports the flexible movement of the limbs.

  • Pleated stripes & 5 times calories burning

The pleats on the thighs accelerate the friction between the highly elastic material and the skin and generate heat. It's like a weight-loss suit!
When heat is concentrated to a certain extent, fat cells can dissolve into tiny particles that make your legs at least 5 inches like magic.

  • Pear-shaped design, modified leg shape
The pear-shaped design visually makes your leg shape look perfect! It feels like you have a pair of sexy legs like supermodels.
  • Show your charm with reference to ergonomics
This stretch cotton slimming trousers was designed by Jean Louis who once the designer of Marilyn Monroe. The pursuit of perfection, it is fully dedicated to ergonomics, showing the beauty of women.


  • Material: Extensible elastic cotton
  • Machine wash cold
  • Size:  XS-5XL


  • 1pc X Women Elastic Cotton Slimming & Shaping Pants

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